Neurological and Blood Infectious Diseases

The diseases of peripheral nervous system can cause severe neurological disorders when correlated to infections this may occur due to direct or indirect contact of the microbes or due to any secondary immune overactivation. HIV is a retro virus, transmitted by sexual contact and contaminated blood. Herpes simplex virus type2 can cause neurological morbidity more than any other viruses. It is seen that about 45 million people are affected due to this type of virus in USA. The cause of blood infectious diseases are the primary pathogens in human like HIV, HBV, HCV contaminated blood or blood spills. Blood infections are very serious when they lead to organ damage, clotting of blood during sepsis reduces the flow of blood and in several cases one or more organs fails. Sometime this may lead to worst conditions, like when blood pressure drops the heart gets weekend the patient is prone towards shock and within a fraction of second various organs in our body gets fails to function and thereby this leads to the death of the patient.